b r e a k f a s t

millet muffins
four eyes smoothie

l u n c h


garden minestrone
purslane salad 
higgs boson potato salad 
bulgar salad with edamame
corn crusted tomatoes 
volunteer caprase salad
Anita's chili 
black bean soup
happy new year lentil soup 

d i n n e r


transcendent quiname burgers
Swiss chard and pototoes
Edith Piaf pilaf
tortellini with grape tomato sauce
stuffed acorn squash
pizza broccoli rabe
black sesame soba
beet poetry pizza 
sourdough pasta 
black bean burgers
pesto valentino  
pesto potatoes
grilled fig and feta salad
kale and carrots  
sourdough batter-fried cauliflower  
hot mess quinoa salad


d e s s e r t


farm stand crostata
grilled peaches
black cardamon plum cake
berry buckle
honey I love you fig tart
oh my peach pie
apple streusel cheese pie
reunion carrot cupcakes
mock cherry braid
pumpkin cupcakes
mini lemon meringue cupcakes
pumpkin cheesecake
chocolate satin torte
deliver me from evil apple tart
buttermilk spice cake 
Alice B. Toklas tart
sourdough apple coconut cake
blueberry lattice top pie
vanilla pound cake
toffee almond peach crisp  
everyberry hand pies
sourdough chocolate cake 
french apple pie 
pumpkin mousse pie
rustic apple almond galette
banana caramel cream pie
banana smoothie mini cupcakes  
honey almond triangles
chocolate penuche cake
courtesan au chocolate  
summer fruit and chickpea cobbler
zucchini cake 
lemon curd cupcakes 
Oregon cherry pie
berry almond upside down cake 


c o o k i e s,  bars, e t c... 


iced oatmeal spice cookies
blond moment bars
it's all good bars
so so brownies
Irish potatoes
blueberry tea biscuits
fresh apple cookies
lavender lapins
corn meal cookies 
swirly sourdough brownies 
apricot crumb bars
lemon sugar cookies 
apricot almond bird's nest cookies
caramel dandies
Romeo and Juliet cookies
flame raisin oatmeal cookies  
hungry bird bars 
back to school peanut butter cookies

b r e a d 


sour dough 'yoga' bread
banana chocolate chip bread
anadama bread
sourdough pita  
sourdough rosemary Parmesan crackers
sourdough focaccia  
sourdough cranberry walnut bread
apple butter bread
sugar and spice pull-apart bread 
orange cranberry tea bread
artichoke, goat cheese and pine nut focaccia
Irish soda bread 
lemon lavender olive oil bread
sourdough honey wheat buns
hot cross buns

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  1. Hi. What happened to your Stollen recipe. I pinned it with the picture, but it foes not go to the recipe, when I click on the pin.
    By the way, I love all the recipes I have tried from your blog. I love tbe Blueberry Tea Biscuits! Thanks for blogging.

    1. I'm sorry, but I'm really bad about keeping up with the recipe index. Until I can update it you can find the Stollen recipe by clicking through to December 2014 on the right side of the screen. Thanks for your support!