Although I now daylight as a number cruncher, in what seems like a former life I was a pastry chef.  My goal for Almacucina is to share what I've learned from 30 years of baking professionally, six of which also running my own restaurant. 

In those years I certainly enjoyed more than my fair share of chocolate and sugar and I still have a veracious sweet tooth (just ask my Dentist), but these days the focus is more on a light, nutritious, unprocessed, plant based diet.  I want to share this way of eating as well. 

Besides eating and cooking, often at the same time, I make jewelery, mixed media art and silk screened fabric. You can see my work at BirdSong. 

I'm blessed to live in an area so close to an abundance of farms and farmer's markets and I love getting out and finding fresh dairy, eggs and produce. I'm not alone in this trend and my prediction is it will only get bigger as more and more people see the advantages of eating local, fresh and mindfully grown food.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. It's always OK to talk with your mouth full around here!  So please leave comments, suggestions and spelling corrections, this is an interactive medium and I value your opinion.


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