Friday, October 3, 2014

Eating Portland Part 2

Koi at the Japanese Garden, Portland

One thing definitely on my list when visiting Portland was the Japanese Garden.  While we had to trim some sites off our itinerary, I'm most glad this was not one of them.  It's very easy to get there from downtown, the Max light rail to the 63 bus, then a short walk past the Test Rose Garden.  We got lucky and met a super nice Porlander on the bus who just happened to work there and he walked us there, plus even gave us a little private tour.  Thanks Matt, you are the best!

But I'm getting a head of myself.  I'm supposed to be talking about food.  We started that morning with a power breakfast of green smoothies at Kure.  They have a few locations. We were closest to the one downtown, a small store front humming to the sound of juicers and great music.  We found the "Lush Life" was the way to go- pineapple, banana, kale, spinach, Vibrant Health green superfood powder, ginger, OJ, agave nectar and ice.  My sister had hers straight up and I subbed coconut yogurt for agave nectar.  Nutrition never tasted so yummy and this certainly got our motors running!

Just getting started with a "Lush Life" from Kure

Then it was off to the Japanese Garden, about which I can not say enough.  It was a different kind of nourishment, one for the mind and soul.  I want to go back and see it in every season.  There's much too much to see in one visit, you need a couple of hours just to sit in a shady spot and listen to the water.  A Japanese garden is not about the flowers.  It's about the light and shadow, the moss, the water, the stones, the sabi.  It's about texture and sound, spirit houses and moon bridges.  If you find yourself out that way do not miss it!

We headed back into town with a good part of the day still ahead of us.  It was past lunch time and, not surprise, we were hungry.  We headed over to the Pearl district to check out Supa!.  Known for their "small batch artisan soups" not to mention melties and salads.  I went for the indulgent Tomato, Chevre and Fresh Basil Bisque, sis got the mushroom packed Hungarian Mushroom and we split Yogi Sammie- hummus, and fixins with feta and dried tomato tapenade on ciabatta.  Yes, please.  The ladies behind the counter were so sweet and since it was after lunch we sort of had the whole place to ourselves to savor this soup and sammie feast.

Soup and sammie, together like never before at Supa!

After all that walking and the healthy breakfast and lunch, we were in the mood for a bit of sweet stuff.  We meandered through the Pearl and ended up by Saint Cupcake to partake of some precious mini cream cheese frosted delights.  First of all, love the name!  Second of all, love the cupcakes.  We shared one mini chocolate and one mini vanilla and they were gone almost before I could snap a photo.

Heavenly cupcakes at Saint Cupcake

Next up: burgers, donuts, and lattes at the Ace!

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