Monday, September 29, 2014

Eating Portland

Portlandia, a sculpture by Raymond Kaskey.  The second largest copper repousse statue in the US after the Stature of Liberty (9/26/14)
I just returned from a trip to Portland, OR with my sister and couldn't wait to tell you all about the amazing time we had, with a focus of course on the food.  Portland really is a food lovers city, real food that is.  We didn't eat at any so called fancy restaurants but even the tiny soup and sandwich places are serving premium ingredients and every little detail is well considered, simple and precious.  Not to mention the coffee, which I will, so read on.

First order of business on vacation is a hearty breakfast.  Portland is a walkers paradise and you want to power up before you hit the streets.  Our first morning found us at The Original, one block from our digs at the Benson Hotel.  If I could say the words chic and diner in the same sentence that would discribe The Original.  It's bright and open with super high ceilings and two walls of windows, perfect for people watching.  The black and white palette and overall design is smart and clean.  One back wall is fitted with metal strips that hold postcards sent by happy, satisfied diners from all over the country.

The menu at The Original reads like a diner but it's no greasy spoon! (9/24/14)

My scrambled eggs tasted fresh out of the hen and perfectly cooked.  The hash browns were delicate and crisp.  And the rye toast was meaty and flavorful and a good foil to the homemade marionberry jam.  As with many meals I had in Portland I started eating them before I had a chance to take a proper photo.  Let's just say I was already composing my postcard to send back here once I got home!

You can't go very far in this town without bumping into a cafe and everyone has their faves.  I went back a couple of times to The Fresh Pot, a mellow, unassuming spot downtown with great art on the walls.  They serve homespun Stumptown coffee and the friendly baristas make beautiful, creamy lattes.  Also, I love their business card.

 Creamy lattes and arty business cards at The Fresh Pot downtown. (9/24/19)

If your going to eat pizza you may as well make it a pizza baked in a wood fired oven and that's just what we did on our first night in Portland.  We walked a few blocks over to the Pearl District to Piattino and split a pizza Margherita.  Pizzas cook in about 90 seconds in the massive oven and the crust comes out incredible thin and crispy.  The tangy sauce, velvety cheese and full flavored basil were in just the right proportions.  This pizza went down easy, way too easy.  Good thing we had more walking in our future.


Bread and water: Crispy crust pizza Margherita at Piattino in the Pearl (9/24/14)

Next up: smoothies, soup and cupcakes...
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