Sunday, May 26, 2013

Key Lime Pie

If there's one dessert that screams summer it's Key Lime Pie. Am I right? Even if you've never been to the Keys this pie will make you feel like you're on vacation touring the Hemingway house and watching the sun set over the ocean on the east coast. I happily received this recipe years ago from an old baking buddy and it makes thee best key lime pie I've ever tasted, even if I do say so myself and please let me know if you disagree!

Now you could go out and buy a bag of key limes and juice them but it's kind of like milking a cat (never do that, by the way). I took the easy way out and got a bottle of Nellie & Joe's Famous Key West Lime Juice. The funny thing about this recipe is it's also got lemon juice in it as well, again I opted for the bottled stuff. I almost never do that but I had some on hand and I hate to waste. Now go ahead and use fresh if you want, meow.

Layered into a graham cracker crust and piled high with toasted meringue, this key lime pie takes the cake. It is the perfect end to a cook out. Tart, sweet, creamy, crunchy, heavenly.

key lime pie


1 & 1/4 cups graham cracker crumbs
6 tablespoons butter, melted

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. In a medium bowl stir butter into crumbs and mix until all the butter is absorbed. Press into the bottom and sides of a pie pan. Bake for 10 minutes, cool on a wire rack.


3/4 cup heavy whipping cream, separated
2/3 cup key lime juice and lemon juice combined (more lime than lemon)
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup corn starch
1/2 cup sour cream
rind of 1 lime

In a medium, heavy bottomed pot whisk together 4 tablespoons heavy cream (reserve the 1/2 cup for later), sugar, lemon juice, lime juice and corn starch. Cook on medium heat, stirring often until mixture thickens, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and fold in sour cream and lime rind.

Whip the reserved heavy cream until stiff and fold into filling. Transfer filling to pie shell and chill for one hour.


3 egg whites
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/2 cup sugar

Whisk together sugar and cream of tartar. Whip whites in a stand mixer on high until foamy, about a minute. On medium slowly add the sugar. Once all the sugar is added scrap down the sides of the bowl and whip on high until meringue is thick, about 3 or 4 minutes. 

Pile meringue on top of pie and use your preferred method of toasting it. I did have a propane kit going into this but as it turned out I used the broiler and was very quick and very careful!


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  1. Mmmm, key lime pie, so yummy! Love that toasted meringue on top!

    1. It really was so good! There are only three of us in the house and the pie was gone in less than two days.

  2. Your pie looks delicious. I have a question on the recipe. For the filling, it says 3/4 tablespoon heavy whipping cream, separated. Did you mean 3/4 Cups.

  3. The recipe doesn't say when to add the sugar and lime rind.

    1. Thanks for picking that up, just corrected it. I'm so happy someone is paying attention :)