Friday, August 17, 2012

It's All Good Bars

     Just 'cause it's 100 degrees out doesn't mean you stop wanting baked yummies. It just means you don't want to turn on the oven to bake. Well, thankfully I came across this ingenious recipe a couple of months ago and I've been playing around with it ever since. I'm a nut for dried fruits and I'm fruity for nuts so this bar is right up my alley. It's super sweet and kinda addictive, but since it's all good ingredients like raisins, figs and almonds there's no guilt involved. Right?

     I'm still on my corn flour kick so I switched out oats in the aforementioned recipe with half corn flour and half whole wheat pastry flour. I also went with a mix of dates, figs and raisins. These are a snap to put together, but be warned, they do need to be refrigerated on hot days.

      It is required that you have a food processor, there's no other way to get the filling to the right consistency.

It's All Good Bars

1 1/2 cups sliced almonds
3/4 cups corn flour
3/4 cups whole wheat pastry flour
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 cup raw cane sugar
5 dates
1/4 cup coconut oil, at room temperature
10 more dates
10 figs
1/2 cups raisins
1/4 cup water

Line a 9X9 inch pan with parchment paper letting the excess hang over the side. In a food processor add almonds, both flours, sugar, cinnamon and 5 chopped up dates. Whiz the mixture to combine. Add the coconut oil and whiz until a crumbly mixture is formed. Press half of the mixture evenly in the bottom of prepared pan and refrigerate for an hour or until very firm. Reserve the rest for the topping. Soak the raisins in water for about 5-10 minutes. Meanwhile chop remaining dates and figs into 1/4 inch pieces. Drain excess water from raisins and whiz with date and fig pieces in food processor until you have a gooey filling. Gently spread the filling evenly over the crust. Top with remaining crumb mixture. Refrigerate for one hour before serving. Makes 16-20 servings.


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  1. I love the combination of taste of the almonds, cinnamon and the coconut oil. So I will definitely give this recipe a try soon!

  2. Yes, you should try them! They are so easy and yummy and full of good things!