Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grilled Peaches

     We grow some pretty tasty peaches around here. I don't know what it is this year but all the peaches I've tasted have been outstanding. Sweet, juicy and firm. Delicious baked or just for snacking. And totally phenomenal grilled! I guess all fruits at their peek can seem like a dessert all by themselves, but peaches more so. I think it's the velvety skin and the succulent flesh. It's almost sacrilegious to add anything else. Almost. 
     Almost, as in "Grilled peaches with honey, lavender and mascarpone".  Here's what I love about this recipe. It's super simple, lets the fullness of the fruit shine through and allows you to savour all the elements of the dish together and/or separately.

     It's not overly sweet, but if you like it sweeter go ahead and add more honey. I used this creamy raw honey from Lancaster, PA, barely a teaspoon per serving. It has a deep floral taste and a soft feel in the mouth. If you can't find a similar product, please use whatever honey you like. Another plus to this dish, it works well for dessert or breakfast, and boy do I like having dessert for breakfast. The one important thing is to make sure your peaches are ripe but still firm. This insures they will grill up nicely and still hold their shape. 

Grilled Peaches with Lavender, Honey & Mascarpone

for one serving (if you want more do the math)
1 peach, halved with stone removed
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 teaspoon raw white honey
1 small scoop (1 ounce) mascarpone, at room temperature
1 sprig dried lavender

Peaches can be grilled outside on a gas or charcoal grill on a medium flame.You can also grill inside on a hot grill pan. Brush the cut sides of the peaches with olive oil and place on grill. Let cook for 3-5 minutes and then gently pick up and turn 90 degrees to get your grill marks just right. Let cook for another 3-minutes. Plate your peaches and drizzle with honey, sprinkle with lavender and add a scoop of mascarpone. 


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